Arriving to Athens!

A not so smooth flight coupled with the stress of professional obligations had
led my nerves to an end. I ran quickly to the first athens airport taxi and after
the helpful driver took over my suitcases I boarded for Electra Palace.

From that moment on, my mood meant to change thanks to the
professionalism and the service of the Athens Taxi City driver. Mr. Giorgos
quickly cracked the electric atmosphere that created my bad cheer discussing
and making my trip a unique experience and fun.

In the mean time I confessed that I was not from Athens, so he suggested
showing me the main sights of the center of the city, since the Athens airport
taxi route would pass by them anyway. After accepting his proposal we were
led to the Panathenaic Stadium which, as he explained to me, took his name
in honor of the goddess Athena.

The architecture and the size of the stadium really impressed me. The route
with Athens Airport Taxi had already made my mood. Next destination was
the Columns of Olympian Zeus, less than 3 minutes away. Admiring the
temple of Olympus Zeus, I could also photograph the unique Acropolis
proudly standing in front of me. The contrast of the modern avenues around
me with the ancient monuments was a wonderful picture.

Mr. George led the Athens Airport Taxi through the narrow streets of Plaka,
leading to magic picturesque streets and local stores. I made a quick
conceivable footnote so that I could try to visit them later if time allowed it.
Arriving outside of the hotel the bad mood had already disappeared and the
beautiful pictures had given me another option and colored my visit. Athens
Taxi City that I chose to move and Mr. Giorgos professionalism were the
reason for this change. A lot more than a simple transfer service!

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